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Data Services & Software Development for Startups

We help startups with resources in innovation and data processing

Highly trained team of app developers, data extractors, cleaners and entry teams that help your startup fast track the development and onboarding of your software systems

Our Core Services

Every software systems deployment required the extaction, preparation and entry of data or meta data that help enable enterprise systems

Metadata Service
Excel sheets mapping and preparation for large scale enterprise deployments
User Acceptance Testing
We help test UI workflows of your application as the user
UI Designs Mockups
We enable you frame various aspects of your product
Our company

We are passionate and innovative

DabarObjects is a software and technology services outsourcing startup that enables other startups in US and across the world deliver more efficient and satisfying solutions for enterprise users and consumers. We provide a well trained team of app developers, mockup designers and data processing officers that can work with key tools such as Figma, Android Studio, Apple XCode, Excel sheets, graphic design tools needed to help in the mockup and development of startup apps and the extraction of meta data needed by vast enterprise systems. We also provide a rich team of User interface testing and user acceptance testing outsourcing, interface design innovation support and software development implementation outsourcing for startups in retail, libraries, ecommerce industries.

Preparing a product release?

How we help you get better products out

Finally, Go to sleep as we help you fish out the most annoying problems your potential users could face. When you build your new product, remember that for it to be successful, it must be usable by non techie users who will break things and use it in ways that developers did not imagine it being used. We empower pseudo users who will help look at your product through either its documentation or a test guide to check for potential issues that your customers might run into

Clients we are currently working with

Our Team

We work with some of the brightest technical talents in the software development industry in Nigeria and Ghana

Deji Aladejebi
Deji has over 15 years experience working as a software engineer and product developer for retail and health care sectors and has worked for over 4 startups including other 2 he co-founded
Founder, CEO
Oby AJ
Oby is an experienced human resource manager and retail expert who has helped place trained and placed over 1000 staffs across various retail outfits in Nigeria.
Vice President, Operations and HR
Kuye Deji
Deji Kuye is a skilled software engineer with over 12 years experience who has delivered various production projects in using various technologies such as python, Golang, Javascript and AWS.
Vice President, Engineering
Jessica Mayomi
Jessica is a skilled interface designer with over 4 years experience who has helped manage designs and product conceptualization for multiple startups
Project Lead, Designs

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